Mens Must Have Items For a 2020 Winter Capsule Wardrobe

October 13, 2020 2:39 pm


When it comes to having a good winter wardrobe there are a few essential items that every man should have in the wardrobe. Keeping thing simple and having a capsule wardrobe is a great idea and you can have a few good quality items that you will wear rather than a wardrobe full of stuff that doesn’t quite go together.

Here are a few things that should be in your capsule wardrobe this winter…

Smart Suit- A good suit is always a wardrobe essential. Make sure it is a good fit, and you can wear it for weddings and formal occasions as well as using the jacket as a blazer for smart casual looks such as a day at the races or a meal out.

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A Good Pair of Jeans – A really great pair of jeans are an essential in every wardrobe. Worn with a blazer they can be used as a smart casual item or dresses down for the weekend.

A Pair of Boots – Boots are great for the winter – as well as being comfortable they can be dressed up or down. As good for a winter walk as they are for the office.

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A T-Shirt – Always a good thing to have especially in the autumn as layering is essential – it can start off frosty and end up sunny and warm! Look at these mens designer t shirts from for some inspiration.