Astonishing smart clothing facts

November 26, 2020 1:28 pm


Most men have a few smart shirts in their wardrobe along with a suit or two. If they work in an office or a formal job there may be more suits and smart clothing options such as the ones that you can see from where you can find stylish Farah Clothes.


Fashion is ever changing and the way that we develop clothes has advanced dramatically from its early days. Here are a couple of astonishing facts about smart clothing and how this has changed over the years.

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French cuffs are not actually French invented


The British, who made their shirts with a row of buttons along the sleeve, originally invented French cuffs. This was to encourage the everyday gentleman to be able to fasten the cuffs with the extra slack folded at their desired length. This early-day trend in style found its way across Europe and gradually became the formal norm we see today in men’s fashion.

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Pocket squares were once functional


Pocket squares are very much a fashion option today but in the past they were used as a more hygienic way of wiping your face. That’s right, since the 14th century, handkerchiefs have been around and they were used back in the day to dry hands or blow noses. More specifically, the convenient little white squares of cloth were always carried in the breast pocket of a gentlemen – the very first pocket square. The invention of Kleenex would make sure that this handkerchief would no longer be needed, and tissues are actually much more hygienic, but the fashion world would not be so easily deterred from the trendy change and pocket squares were used purely for their aesthetic looks.