What Items Are Confiscated at Airports?

September 28, 2020 3:23 pm


In order to make sure that you have the best vacation experience possible, it is important that you are familiar with what items can be confiscated at airports. If you are planning a trip, you should know what all the items that are in your baggage will be and what items can be allowed through the security checkpoints. There are several items that can be taken from passengers and then confiscated by the airport authorities. You may find that you are permitted to bring back a few of them but most items must be discarded. Some items that are banned in airports include weapons, imitation firearms, and even liquids.

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If you are travelling internationally, you will need to go through a baggage check. This means that you will have to show your passport to the airline staff, and you will also need to have your baggage screened. If your items are confiscated, such as a passenger trying to carry too many cigarettes or not declaring certain foods, they are taken to the airline’s warehouse, where they are stored, and the contents inventoried. Items must be se sealed using a Security Seal available from a site like Acme seals

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Another item that can be seized in airports is prescription drugs and other drugs. The drugs must be properly labelled and a note from a medical professional may be required to confirm what they are and why you need them. Some of these drugs that may be confiscated by the airport include anti-anxiety medications, antidepressants, and even sleeping pills.