Things that are definitely not DIY

September 28, 2020 3:25 pm


You might like to think that you’re a very handy person. Whilst that might be true I very much doubt that these things are something that you can do yourself without encountering some difficulties of one kind or another. You are strongly advised to get a professional to come in and do these jobs for you instead as they tend to be very skilled jobs to undertake.

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  1. Being A Midwife. It is an incredible skill to be able to bring babies safely into the world and this is reflected in the role of the Midwife. You have to undertake a three year degree in the subject and even if you’re already a registered Nurse this only gets reduced to eighteen months.


  1. Rewiring your home. Watching umpteen videos on Youtube is not going to make you be able to learn how to do this tricky and dangerous job. Leave it to the professionals.


  1. The installation of double glazing. You cannot just bang the original frames out and then polyfilla the new ones back in. This is the skilled work of a Gloucester Double Glazing firm like to do. They will make sure it is done properly.


  1. Dental work. Owning your own drill is not enough. The work of the dentist is one of a very steady hand, a close eye for detail. It also involves lots of specialist equipment.

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  1. Formula one driver. You might think you are pretty handy in a car. Maybe you’ve even had some moderate success at the Go Kart track, However, a modern Formula one car is a mass of settings and telemetry to workout. Plus, you need to have a fundamental talent for driving something that is more like a rocket which is only being kept on the track by fiberglass wings.