The beautiful bay of Galway in Ireland

April 24, 2020 5:34 am


Situated on the West Coast of Ireland is the stunningly beautiful Galway bay, approximately 50 kilometres long and between 10 – 30 kilometres wide.  Designated as a special area for Conservation the Bay is a natural habitat for common seals, otters and a wide range of sea birds, waterfowl and waders.

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To the West of Galway Bay are the three beautiful but rocky Aran islands, famous for their unspoilt charm and traditional Irish culture.  Definitely worth a visit even if you only go to purchase an  Aran Sweater to keep you warm and cosy if the weather takes a turn for the worse!

The weather in Ireland can be unpredictable and at times incredibly rough, unfortunately there have been some tragic stories surrounding Galway bay and one of them back on May the fourth 1902, involved the drowning of eight local fishermen.

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The song “Galway bay” composed originally by Frank Fahey and immortalised by Bing Crosby is one of several musical compositions that contain the specific lyrics “Galway Bay”. “Fairy-tale of New York” by the Pogues and “Darby O’Gill and the Little People” sung by Sean Connery being just two of them.

If you are thinking of touring the idyllic and scenic area of the Bay then the easiest option is to take a car, drive around the picturesque cliffs of Moher and on to Ballyvaughan where you will find some of the finest beaches around. Whatever you decide to do, Galway Bay with all its wildlife and breath-taking beauty will be one of your most memorable visits ever.