What type of home do you live in?

April 22, 2020 11:44 am


Today in the UK there are all kinds of traditional family homes and two up, two down no longer seems to apply as it used to a few decades ago. Here we celebrate all kinds of home and ask the question, what would we find if we looked through the windows of your home and would they be double glazed? For more information on Glass Suppliers Bristol, visit a site like Roman Glass, a leading Glass Suppliers Bristol company.


This type of housing is often found in busy urban areas. A row of houses all joined together, usually identical with each property sharing a wall with the neighbouring property. They usually benefit from a series of back gardens, if not a front garden and garages are also usually found at the rear of the property along an access road or alley. Terraced housing is popular in many towns and cities across the UK as they offer space saving solutions for lots of people.

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Although similar, bungalows and cottages are not the same thing. The difference comes when you compare age, price and history of the property. Both are low-level buildings, but a bungalow has no first floor at all. Bungalows tend to be cheaper, more abundant in urban areas and can be either detached or semi-detached.

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This relates to any home or property that does not share a wall with the neighbouring property and offers greater privacy and seclusion. This means that separate properties often come with a higher price tag as the privacy that detached properties offer is highly sought after.