Some amazing electricity facts

June 30, 2020 5:19 am


We flick switches all the time and do not think about where that power is coming from or the way it reaches us. It is among the most versatile resources in the world and depend on massively. Surprisingly, we have only had electricity to enjoy for little more than a century!

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Simply put, the electric current is the flow of electric charge. For the circuit, the charge is usually made by electrons moving inside the cable. It is involved in powering electrical appliances that you use every day, from mobile phones and laptops to dishwashers, lamps and vacuum cleaners.

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Here are some remarkable facts about electricity:

  1. Electricity moves at a speed of 6.696 million miles per hour.

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  1. Electricity has an important part to play in how well your heart is working. The electricity contracts the cells in the heart muscle that then travel through our bodies. Electrocardiogram machines can be found in hospitals to calculate the electricity passing through the heart of a patient, showing as a barbed line for each heartbeat.
  2. What is the Volt? Unit of electrical force, measuring the strength of the current’s potential.
  3. An average lightning bolt contains a whopping 100 million volts.