Why on earth would you play a game over five days?

September 30, 2020 4:55 am


The sport of Cricket is a global game. It is played in some of the largest countries and populations in the world, namely India, Australia and the UK. There are several forms of the game but the one that is the original is that of the Test Match. So, how long is this game that is played throughout the world? Ninety minutes?, an hour? No. Try five days! What makes cricket so special that it takes almost a week to play it? There needs to be some serious maintenance of the pitch going on and that is why Mountfield Parts are very much needed.  DIYSPAREPARTS are the place to go for them.

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The reason that Cricket in its traditional form is so long is that it was played by very rich gentlemen. In the 1800’s many of the wealthy and well to do found themselves independently rich and needed something to take up the time to stave off boredom. Whilst the rest of us were slaving away in the fields and the factories the men with money came up with a high convoluted game with a myriad set of rules to obey and with a convoluted way of winning.

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Naturally this game could not start until a reasonable time of day which is why you don’t see cricketers coming out to play until 10.30 and 11. To make things worse they stop for a good half an hour or so for Lunch and Tea!