The Joy of Yorkshire

June 22, 2020 6:04 pm


Is there a county more beautiful  than Yorkshire in the UK? You’ll find that the fiercely independent Yorkists will tell you there isn’t, especially if you are from neighbouring Lancashire where the rivalry still dwells from the War of the Roses. It is hard to believe in our London/South East centric days that at one time the North was where the rule of the  country was fought and decided. The Yorkshireman will point to the Dales and the East Coast with Whitby, to the majestic Cathedral at York and the burgeoning financial centre of Leeds.

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They will tell you of Castle Howard and the National Railway Museum. Plus there is the windswept harsh beauty of the Dales and the Moors. It is certainly a place that anyone looking for Web design in Yorkshire would have no trouble in finding subject matter for.

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Perhaps it is their Viking heritage that makes them so proud. Jorvik as it was known as one of the strongholds of the settling Norsemen and there is a famous museum that exhibits many archaeological finds from York. The other love of the Yorkists life is that of Cricket. It is very nearly a religious pursuit.