Why Your House is So Hot and How to Cool It Down

September 14, 2021 5:42 am


If your house is unbearably hot and stuffy on the inside, you definitely need to identify the problems and some solutions, so your body doesn’t get too much of a shock going outside or coming in from the outdoors. Moreover, heat can affect your sleep as it affects your brain’s ability to produce the sleep hormone called melatonin. This can cause insomnia as well as excessive sweating! Read on to find out the possible reason your house is so hot and how to cool it down.

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The number one reason could be lack of ventilation and too much insulation. Heat insulation is beneficial in houses prone to the cold, but not to the point that you are uncomfortably warm constantly. Make sure to keep the windows open. At night-time you can keep the bedroom windows slightly cracked.

The next problem could be that there is something wrong with your boiler. If your heating is always on or turns on even when you haven’t programmed it to turn on, you should find a company that offers Boiler Servicing Belfast such as Belfast-gas to get it sorted. This is important to sort out as your heating bills are going to be unnecessarily high as you’ll be wasting a lot of energy.

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Another possibility is that in hot weather, you are not doing the necessary things to stop the sun from heating up your house. When it is very sunny and hot outside, you should keep your windows and curtains shut and invest in some air-conditioning. Open the windows as soon as it is dark, and temperatures drop. Switch off lights and electric appliances when not in use as these all produce heat.