What Are Fluorescent Colours Used For?

March 25, 2021 4:41 am


Fluorescent colours are those that contain the property that allows them to absorb and then release light. These particular properties are necessary for the manufacture of light bulbs. The earliest models that were used in homes contained phosphor, which is a combination of hydrogen peroxide and metal halide. Many of today’s indoor lighting fixtures are fluorescent and they use tubes filled with a fluorescent chemical. This fluorescent chemical can be made by combining two different chemicals or by adding an element that produces the same chemical.

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Fluorescent colours are also used in the reflective safety chevrons on emergency response vehicles. These are vehicles where the need for visibility is paramount as they could be moving quickly in and out of traffic so must be clear to other road users for safety reasons. For further details on Chapter 8 regulations, visit a Chapter 8 chevron stockist like PVL UK

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In terms of what are fluorescent colours used for, they are often used to create special effects. For example, a neon sign that has been left on a street corner will usually contain a phosphor mixture. The use of fluorescent lights in this area is very popular because these signs give off a very bright light. They are also seen often in film making, theatre and television production.