Getting out and about when you are older and slightly unsteady on your feet.

June 30, 2022 4:53 am


You have been an independent and active person all your life and worked hard for over forty years, now that you are reaching retirement age you want to make the most of your free time.  Several of your old work colleagues and friends want to meet up on a regular basis, at least once a month for coffee and a catch up. You are keen to maintain friendships and happy to meet them, but you are a little worried about falling over as you have become a little unsteady on your feet. You talk to your friends about your concerns, and they suggest looking into suitable Disability Aids and getting advice from a professional company such as They are true friends and genuinely concerned for your welfare, so you take their advice and check out your local mobility store.

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You decide on a walking frame that comes with a seat and a bag to put your shopping in, a tea trolly on wheels that can carry your hot drinks and food safely and easily from your kitchen to your lounge, when you are at home, and a walking stick to always carry with you.

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You still like to take your car out and about and are a confident driver, so you fit your walking frame and stick into the boot of your car and take it with you just in case you need it. Now that you have these few things in place you feel much more confident about getting out and about.