How to Clean Jewellery

August 27, 2020 6:36 am


Jewellery has a very special place in our hearts, often pieces that we own have sentimental value. It can make your day and be extra special when older pieces are cleaned properly.

Firstly, how to clean jewellery in the house can be a tricky one. You need to use your own methods in order to get your jewellery clean as well as possible. A common method would be to first gently wash your jewelleries and then dry it with a microfibre cloth. Fill a large bowl with warm water, add some washing up liquid, and stir together. Next add your jewelleries to the bowl and allow to sit for thirty minutes. Then take your toothbrush and start to gently scrub the pieces of jewellery clean with it.

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Once you are done cleaning, rinse your pieces of jewelleries in cool, clean water. When you are done, take a soft microfibre cloth and wipe off the excess water. You need to avoid rubbing the cloth, so the jewellery rubs together.

However, this method is not so easy with tiny pieces, such as earrings for example. Washing with any detergent could also damage certain substances. A highly effective alternative is a Large Ultrasonic Cleaner, which is particularly good for those handling large amounts of jewellery. Find out more about Large ultrasonic cleaners from Hilsonic.

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With this method, you can enjoy clean, sparkling and thoroughly sanitised jewellery whether you intend to wear the pieces or sell them.