The Top 10 most Watched Programmes in the UK

September 2, 2020 6:43 am


For generations now, television has been the way that we see the world around us – for those of us born after 1970, it is highly likely that we grew up with favourite television programmes, and that our parents watched the world through the evening news.

Companies such as tv aerials Gloucester based company have the power to bring the world into your living room – particularly when it is harder to get out and about – so what are the most watched broadcasts in UK history?

Positions 9 and 10 – the Olympics closing and opening ceremony – hosted in the UK in 2012, the spectacular ceremonies hit huge audience figures as the country tuned in to see the world compete in the Olympic games.

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Position 8 – The Prime Minister’s address to the nation on Covid-19 – A more sombre and troubling time, the Prime minister made a statement on the closing of the country on March 23rd 2020 to stop the spread of the virus around the population.

Position 7 – The Marriage of Mark Phillips and Princess Anne – In 1973, people tuned in to see the Queen’s only daughter marry Mark Philips with a viewing audience of 27.6 million.

Position 6 – Prince Charles marries Lady Diana Spencer – In 1981, people gathered to see the fairy-tale wedding of Charles and Diana – the dress that she wore took the nations breath away and set the standard for weddings everywhere!

Position 5 – FA Cup Final – Chelsea vs Leeds United – For football fans everywhere they tuned into their TVs to watch the great finale replay of the match at Wembley stadium, in one of the most ferocious matches ever played!

Position 4 – Apollo 13 splashdown – The whole world watched the drama unfold on Apollo 13, the stricken spacecraft looking likely to not make it back home. But as it defeated all the odds and splashed down in April 1970, it was watched all around the world.

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Position 3 – The Royal Family Documentary – The documentary on the Queen and her family was the third most watched programme as the public all tuned in to get a glimpse into royal life.

Position 2 – Princess Diana’s Funeral – The sad occasion after the sudden tragic death of the princess was shown all over the world to people mourning and was the second most watched event ever in the UK.

Position 1 – The 1966 World Cup Final – the country gathered around TV screens to watch England triumph over West Germany in the Football World Cup – watched by a huge 32.3 million, the most watched ever in the UK.