Decluttering your home

September 7, 2020 3:57 pm


When it comes to giving your home a spruce and a bit of a declutter there is no better time than in September when the children have gone back to school and you have more time to dedicate to have a good sort out of all of your items.

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If you are planning on having a big clearout you might want to contact a Carmarthen skip hire company such as so you can quickly and easily get rid of unwanted items without having to make dozens of trips to the local recycling centre.


First set yourself a plan of action as to which rooms you are going to clear out and in what order. Then in each room methodically go through each of the cupboards and remove all the items. This way you can give the storage a good clean and it means that you can look through each item of clothing, toy etc and decide whether they are being kept or being thrown away. Once you have decided which items to keep you can place them back in the cupboards, drawers or other storage solution and move onto the next space.

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When you have finished one room, give all the surfaces a quick wipe over to remove any of the dust that you might have stirred up and give the floor a good vacuum as well.