Walking around the Ring of Kerry

August 20, 2021 4:52 pm


If you fancy a nice walk around one of Ireland’s most prestigious and wonderful nature regions then the one hundred and eleven mile section of the Ring of Kerry has to be it. For a walking tour it has pretty much everything that you could wish to see. There are vista’s of the Mountains of the Kerry revealing themselves. There are ancient castles and archaeological sites that show you how old this country really is. There are even a few waterfalls or two thrown in for good measure. A quick word of warning to you. It can get a little bit cold and breezy in the region form time to time, as can anywhere to be fair. A good way to avoid this is by wearing something that has been the mainstay of Irish Clothing for the last one hundred and fifty years. These are the world famous Mens Aran Sweaters, although there are ones for Women as well.  Go to Shamrock Gift to take a look at some.

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The Ring is located on the lower South west coast of Ireland. It has a circular walking route and is very popular as a tourist destination. However the area is large enough for you to be able to lose yourself and commune with nature. A trip to Torc waterfall is a must for example.

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The Castle at Ballymalis is also a great place to head for. It stands proudly and is complete, making it quite unusual.  Other posts of interest include the  Dunloe Ogham Stones, which is a collection of these interesting ancient burial stones.