Spend this Summer Discovering Salisbury and the Surrounding Countryside

June 17, 2021 1:19 pm


There has never been a better time to holiday in the UK – with the uncertainty of foreign travel causing all sorts of problems, for many a summer holiday in the UK is the best thing to do this year. There are so many fantastic places to go in the UK, that you will actually be spoilt for choice.


If you long for beautiful countryside and an abundance of history, there are many places in the UK worth a visit, but Salisbury is a great choice! There are plenty of things to do in Salisbury itself as well as in the surrounding area.

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One of the main attractions of the area is of course the ancient site, Stonehenge. This can get very busy at certain times of the year, particularly around the solstice both in the summer and the winter as people gather at this ancient spiritual site just as our ancestors di thousands of years ago.


It is also worth visiting the lesser known Woodhenge. It is walking distance from Stonehenge to Woodhenge, and this timber monument is over 2500 years old. These wooden monuments were built to align with the sunrise on the summer solstice. It was only discovered in 1925, and was excavated after, with many objects being found, from human remains to pottery.

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The Wiltshire countryside is a fascinating and beautiful place to visit, and it is certainly well worth exploring this beautiful area, particularly in the summertime when the wildflowers are in bloom and the days are long.