Re-Arranging a Wedding Due to Coronavirus

June 1, 2020 4:42 pm


With all the social distancing going on at the moment, many businesses and individuals are having to change how they go about things. From online yoga and dance lessons to people coming up with clever ways to see vulnerable relatives, people have been adapting to the way the world is at the moment.

For some people who were busy planning a wedding, this has caused a lot of upheaval, as under the current guidelines, traditional weddings would not be allowed. But as people come to terms with the fact, they have to start all of the planning from scratch, this has given them the opportunity to also do things slightly differently. Having had the benefit of planning a wedding already, they might be able to change things they are unhappy with or alter plans a bit.

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With the awareness of the potential to spread germs for example, many people may be opting to plan an outdoor wedding, or maybe an outdoor reception. Hiring a marquee and finding a service such as this mobile bar hire Cheltenham based company is a great way to plan an outdoor wedding.

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Some people are finding with more time to plan they also have more time to save – so they may be looking at venues, dresses or cakes that they may have previously considered to be out of their price range. If you are having to rearrange your wedding and are not sure where to begin, there are many helpful guides online that you can refer to.