How to maintain your trailer

October 6, 2021 5:17 am


Making sure that your trailer is up to road standard is a vitally important task for you to do.  Doing it is one of the things you cannot leave to chance. Whilst trailers do not have an MOT they do require care and attention. You cannot simply risk taking out a trailer onto the open road if you are not 100% sure that it is safe. The consequences of a broken or damaged trailer being let loose on the motorway do not bear to be considered.

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First of all ensure that the trailer is always kept clean. No matter what rubbish you have had in the back of it as soon as it is home make provision to clean it out. Given the materials that the trailer is made of this shouldn’t be too hard. Check that the tyre pressures are correct, it is highly likely that you will be carrying heavy materials which can cause undue pressure on the wheels. Getting  a puncture whilst pulling a trailer is not a situation that any of us would wish to be in.

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If you find any part of the trailer is damaged do not be concerned. There are plenty of companies like Auto and Trailer that can provide you with the correct Trailer Parts.  If you supply a public service such as household removals you should make sure it is clean and in full working order.