How to choose your student accommodation

November 26, 2020 4:24 am


Moving off to college is a great time. It’s the first opportunity for most of us to move away from home, and this can be both exciting and extremely overwhelming. A big part of the process is seeking housing.

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Have it right and you’re going to love your time with Uni. Get it wrong, and you might as well end up back at home faster than you thought. It’s so important, whether you’re in a larger town or in a much smaller town than you are used to. It is just as necessary to find accommodation and then make it your own no matter if you are looking for Cheltenham Student Accommodation just as it is in the centre of London. A sure-fire way to make you reconsider being at uni is to be miserable at home.

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How to get started


If they sell you a position in halls or with a list of properties and tenants, both universities can help out with housing.


You may find your own, but you may feel more secure about your option by using one suggested by the college. These properties will have to follow much higher standards and will be reserved for student lodging, and they will be more easily situated – either near buses and trains or within walking distance of the college itself.

Venue, distance and location


All private-run housing is off-campus and residence halls are gradually located further from the main centre. Check the travel links; you don’t want to wake up every day at 7am!