A Few Things that you Might Like to Know About the Poinsettia

December 21, 2020 2:56 pm


At this time of year, we all love to make the most of the Christmas spirit in the air and decorate our homes with twinkling lights, pretty baubles and of course floral displays. Many people love a festive floral centrepiece that has been professionally created by someone like this florist Tewkesbury based the Flower Shed.

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One of the most popular flowers of the Christmas season is of course the Poinsettia – they are everywhere at this time of the year and with their beautiful red flowers are one of the most Christmassy plants around.

Here are a few things that you might be interested to know about this festive flower…

Red is not the only colour available – But it is the most popular by a long way. If you fancy a change, there are types of Poinsettia available in many other colours including yellow, white, purple and pink.

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The ancient civilisation of the Aztecs treasured Poinsettias and the kings liked to have them delivered to their palaces. As well as this they used the bright coloured plants to make dyes for their fabrics.

Be careful if you have cats – These plants are very toxic to cats and if a cat does manage to ingest part of the plant it should be taken to the vets immediately. It is probably best not to have a poinsettia in the house if you also have a cat there.