Keeping the Home a Safe Place for an Elderly Person

December 23, 2020 4:23 am


As we get older, some things that we have always taken for granted become a lot riskier, and one of these things is the simple act of being at home. A lot of accidents happen in the home, and for older people these are not only more likely but also more likely to be serious.

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There are lots of changes that you can make to the home of yourself or an elderly family member or friend that can help make the home a lot safer.

When out and about, it is often much easier when elderly to use a scooter or a wheelchair, but the house should also be adapted to suit these WAV vehicles. These vehicles and accessories can be bought from places like Clarke mobility. Putting ramps in the entrance to the home will make coming and going easier and safer.

Moving around the home in general can be made safer – add handrails to walls and make doorways wider. It is also a good idea to remove rugs, as these pose a tripping hazard. Carpets are fine but check the corners of them are secure and they are not coming up anywhere, particularly around stairs.

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In the kitchen, it is important that you take care as there are many risks in this area. There are lots of gadgets that are great for keeping you safe in the kitchen – tippers for the kettle will help you to tilt the kettle, and tin openers that do the job for you are just two useful gadgets which can be a great help when it comes to preventing accidents.