Importance of Exercise in Retirement

July 1, 2021 4:22 pm


Exercise has many benefits, not least of which is improving cardiovascular health and helping to prevent and treat chronic health problems. And it’s not just cardio that takes on increased importance as the body ages. As we age, muscles tend to become weaker, and bones lose their strength and density (one of the biggest threats to the mobility of senior citizens). Adding exercise to your routine can help you strengthen these weaker muscles and bones. This can also be social activity where you can join together with other people who have also bought Gloucester Park Homes for Sale like those from Park Home Life to create a fun exercise group.

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Exercise also improves your flexibility. If you think about it, you probably have a favorite set of stretching exercises that you do each day. Those simple stretches can be incredibly painful for the body when done incorrectly, but regular exercise can make them a lot easier. As an added benefit, exercising improves your balance, which can help you maintain your independence as you move into the later years. You’ll find yourself in better physical condition as you move from childhood, and you’ll look forward to those stretches and those sit-ups.

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Many seniors choose an in-home gym as part of their exercise regimen. They like the simplicity of having the equipment in the home, and some also enjoy the peace and quiet of working out in their own space. While a home gym is a great option if your lifestyle doesn’t allow you to commit hours to workouts in the gym, if you are confined to a traditional gym, there are a variety of fitness machines and options available, from treadmills to stationary bikes to elliptical machines. There are dozens of gyms around town, or you might consider a gym membership – either way, you’re sure to get some good use out of your 30 minutes at a time!