Common concerns when thinking about care homes

June 17, 2020 5:34 pm


If your family has been talking about whether parents need to receive more permanent care, you may feel a range of emotions that are often contradictory. There might be relief and certainly guilt and sadness, as it’s a tough decision that is made more difficult if the person is confused or annoyed. Here are some concerns you may encounter:

They will be lonely – While there will usually be a period of adjustment, they will be kept busy with caregivers, activities and quite possibly, make new friends that they would not have met otherwise.

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They will be angry with me – they might object initially but any hard feelings are likely to be forgotten when they realize that they will get the care they need and feel more secure and comfortable. After a period of adjustment for all involved, both of you will see that the move was for the best. Find out more about a Care Home Taunton at a site like Notaro, a leading Care Home Taunton.

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I felt like I let them down – Wanting what is best for someone is far from letting them down. You may feel that it should be you to take care of them, they are family after all. However, no one can keep a job, look after the children, do housework and offer full-time care for an elderly relative. You could do harm through being tired, stressed and maybe even a little resentful.