Thinking about bathroom lighting

June 30, 2020 5:17 am


When you think of the bathroom, you might imagine the various types of tubs, toilets, sinks and tiles. We may not think about the bathroom lighting. However, to create a thoroughly stylish interior of design and flow, different regions of the bathroom should benefit from lighting that is different but cohesive.

  1. Side-Mounted Sconce

This design offers the best choice for bathrooms because they are so versatile. You can put them both sides of the mirror, on the mirror or directly above the mirror with shades set at eye-level. These lamps offer great task lighting for the actions you need to finish in front of a mirror-like make-up or hair, for example.

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  1. Three Layers

Bathrooms ideally benefit from having three layers of light to really improve their appearance. Ideally, you should task lighting, along with ambient light such as a pendant or chandelier and accent lighting designed to highlight specific features such as architecture or decor. If you think about your bathroom in three steps, the exposure that you need will become more obvious. Don’t forget to pair up with an attractive Ceiling Rose from a site like Creative Cables, suppliers of the Ceiling Rose

  1. Pendants Add Elegance

If you do not like to put more sconces in your bathroom, an alternative style is pendant lighting. They are ideal for vanity and can be used either as an accent or ambient lighting.

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  1. Size of Your Bathroom

Your lighting choices will be influenced by how much space you have. A large bathroom can display a large pendant light or chandelier to make it feel like a 5-star luxury hotel. Since not many of us can boast a luxury bathroom, fortunately there is a large variety of options, including mini chandeliers that can be mounted for smaller rooms.