The Creative Artistic process of designing a garden in Gloucestershire

May 7, 2020 6:23 pm


Designing a garden takes creativity, planning, skill and a natural flair for horticulture, plants, shrubs and flowers.  The basics behind the complicated designs are actually quite easy, keep planting simple, have a variety of shapes, sizes and colours, ty to create a balance, have a well-conceived concept and emphasise structures and textures. Keep the scale and proportion of the design to fit the size of garden or plot that is being transformed.

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The designated garden designer will meet with the prospective client to discuss ideas and concepts, then they will make a plan and prepare an intricate drawing to show exactly what they propose to do.  They will research garden web design Cheltenham and Gloucestershire and put their well-conceived, cleverly thought out plans to the client. The concept of the whole design for any garden is unity so that everything blends together, connects and harmonises well.

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Don’t want to spend lots of money but you want to create a new garden design in your home then think practically, how much time can you devote to tending the plants and keeping shrubs, grass and bushes cut and pruned. Having trouble deciding what to do with a small garden space then do some research on line yourself, you can watch handy videos and get tips from the experts. The clever use of pots, containers and hanging baskets alongside statement paving slabs, benches, outdoor lighting and a water feature could be a resolution.