Making sense of Plumbing

May 12, 2020 3:09 pm


If you take a look under a sink or your bath you may find your mind starting to bend just ever so slightly. What is it that is gone to turn your mind? The mess of pipes that is you plumbing. Plumbing is a mystical science that was first discovered in the Indus Valley in India some two thousand five hundred years ago. They didn’t use metal they used clay pipes but the principle was still the same, making water do what it generally does not want to.

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Alright it’s not a “mystical science” as HPR Plumbing in Gloucester will tell you or any Gloucester Plumber for that matter, but it is something that we untrained individuals really do not want to mess about with. A spanner in the wrong place here, a wrong rubber hammer blow there and we could be looking at something akin to Lake Windermere all over the kitchen floor.

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So, let’s all agree that the last thing that we ever want to do is go rummaging about in the plumbing. There is a time and place for it and if you’re prepared to study for four years in both theory and the practical plus the passing of exams and you completing apprenticeships then you can set about it.