Keeping your deposit so you can use it again.

April 30, 2020 2:46 pm


As most of us now find that we are constantly renting and the thought of ever owning a home becomes a dream. Therefore our deposit is something that should move with you. In some cases it will need topping up to move to the next place but in others it might not need to be so much. It is essential then that you keep it when you leave a property as you might need that stock of money for the rest of your life. Scary but true.

When you first move into a property an Inventory Clerk will have probably used House inspection software to make record of the state of the place. This also includes any white goods that come with the place and the state of the carpets and decorations. If it is furnished that will be included to.

You and the landlord/letting agent get a copy of this so that both of you know exactly what state the place should be in when you leave. There is scope for wear and tear plus, if you have a good relationship with the landlord and you intend to stay for a long time (landlords love that!) then you may even be able to redecorate.