Jobs you didn’t realise needed a DBS check

July 30, 2020 4:16 pm


Did you know that every organization can apply for criminal checks on their members of staff or volunteers? There is some work that we recognize as needing to have such examinations – teachers, nurses, police officers and military personnel, for example. In fact, most jobs that involve working with children and / or vulnerable adults will require a DBS. However, there are some jobs that you might not have considered as needing a comprehensive criminal record check to be made.

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Owning an establishment that serves alcohol

When running a pub, for example, a person must apply for a Personal License to sell alcohol. A criminal conviction disclosure certificate must be submitted to confirm suitability to hold a license and the certificate cannot be older than one month.

Chartered Accountants

Another position of trust, the role of an accountant puts them in regular contact with people’s personal information and financial details. Therefore, an enhanced DBS inspection is recommended for this profession. For the services of Cheltenham Accountants, visit a site like Randall & Payne, leading Cheltenham Accountants

Commissioner for the Gambling Commission

As this work is involved in gambling, it is important to know that someone who wants to become a Commissioner for the Gambling Commission does not have a criminal that might be a concern for the Commission.

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A standard check will be required for those entering the profession as the job involves a lot of trust and dealing with legal institutions and criminal problems.