What are the risks on a construction site?

October 26, 2020 1:45 pm


Construction sites pose a number of dangers, in part due to the heavy machinery that is used there. The construction industry has the highest percentage of accidents as the environment involves working with tools, working at height and be surrounded by large machinery and high noise levels. This is why extensive training is required before working on a site.

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Height – During erection of a building, there is a need for things like scaffolding and ladders. Scaffolding systems are designed to be safe but there is still a risk of falling. To minimise this risk, guard rails and fall protection must be installed.

Electricity – Working near cables and power lines are two of the biggest risks from electricity for construction workers.

Slips – Slips or trips are also a common occurrence. There are many obstacles on a site, with materials and machinery everywhere. Add in the uneven ground and you’ve got an accident waiting to happen! Signposting and correct protective clothing is essential.

Moving machinery – There is always heavy machinery manoeuvring around a construction site, whether it’s excavators, trucks or grab loaders, for example. Workers should all wear high viz gear and wear a hard helmet. Find out more about Grab Hire Cheltenham at a site like Telstar Grab Hire

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Dust – During the course of moving land and equipment, a lot of dust gets kicked up into the air. Serious damage can occur to the lungs over time. This is why it is essential that workers wear goggles, gloves and masks for protection.