Keep our towns and cities clean

July 27, 2020 4:23 pm


The way our cities look has a strong impact on how we live, work and feel in everyday life. Nobody wants to live in a dump and so keeping our streets clean is very important and the responsibility of everyone in society.

You may have never heard of an app called Love Clean Streets! It is the most widely used environmental reporting service that can be used on any device. It is recommended by Keep Britain Tidy, Keep Wales Tidy and Keep Scotland Beautiful. You can report graffiti, fly-tipping, abandoned cars, dog mess or anything blighting your neighbourhood.

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Regardless of litter and dog mess, birds can also leave the town dirty looking. If you have a pigeon or seagull problem where you work or live in the city, you will know how awful the mess looks and how they do get everywhere. Windows, cars, door handles and floors. The mess can also be very slippery when wet so come with health and safety problems to boot. For Pest Control Essex, visit

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Keep Britain Tidy is a charitable organization founded in 1960 which concentrates on environmental issues. Their campaign received national coverage during the 1970’s through public information films and high-profile adverts. This campaign continued throughout the 1980s, supported by famous people such as the Bee Gees, Roland Rat, Frank Bruno and Sir Terry Wogan. You may even remember the Day of National Spring Clean in 1989 in which 2 million people took part along with The Wombles!