Ideas for Autumn Containers

August 28, 2020 5:06 am


The end of summer doesn’t have to bring an end to life and colour in your garden. There is still much you can do to continue enjoying your garden until first frosts and beyond.

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Containers and baskets

It’s a good idea to plant in pots or baskets rather than in the ground as these can be moved to shelter to protect your plants from frost if needed. However, there are some plants that will survive the frost which you may choose to plant, in which case it’s suggested that you make sure you choose pots that will not crack and break in cold weather. Baskets are a risk in cold weather as they are high up and not protected from the wind, which can dry them out. Baskets can still be used in autumn, but you may wish to take the baskets down as the weather cools.

Evergreen shrubs

A great choice for year-round life in your garden is an evergreen shrub. Something like a box shrub can also be pruned into an interesting shape, which can be a fun addition to your garden. If you choose to do something like this, you will need some good garden tools. You may want to use a trimmer to tame the plant first, and a petrol one will be easier as they are more powerful and there are no cables that might get in the way of you cutting your shape. This will need occasional repairs and regular maintenance. Any replacement engine parts needed can be sourced from companies such as These genuine Briggs and Stratton parts will ensure your garden tools are in top working order.

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You may be looking to include a variety of colours in your autumn garden. You can find pansies for sale in bloom in autumn; although these will stop flowering when the cold weather sets in, real winter pansies will continue to flower until the spring, only pausing flowering during very cold snaps. Flowering heathers are also a good option as they are hardy plants which cope well in cold weather and flower for a long period, from November to March in many cases.

These are just a few ideas for your autumn garden, and there are many more options. Find something that suits your own tastes, catering for how much autumn and winter work you want to do in your garden.