How to Be More Confident With Body Language

July 31, 2022 6:26 am


If you’d like to improve your self-confidence, you should consider practicing good body language. This includes learning to hold eye contact when it’s appropriate and what to do with your hands whilst talking, for example. Facial expressions can have a profound impact on the way other people perceive you. For example, people may be more likely to approach you if you have an unmistakable look of confidence. Practice smiling more – smiles that hit your eyes are considered to be more genuine.

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Hands can convey confidence or insecurity. Confident people don’t keep their hands in their pockets. Their hands are outstretched and appear relaxed. Hands are also a powerful way to communicate interest. When people speak, confident people will have their fingers pointing towards the person they’re speaking with. Their hands are also in relaxed positions. They’ll also be raising their thumbs and bringing their fingertips closer together. Their feet will be in a slightly apart position to show engagement and alertness. Find out more about body language and confidence with Public speaking courses from a company like

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Another helpful tip for becoming more confident is to learn to control your emotions. Don’t let your emotions rule your life – it will only leave you feeling disappointed and unprepared. You need to be able to identify your feelings, ask yourself what they’re telling you, and take action to restore balance. By practicing confidence through body language, you’ll find that you’re not only confident but also feel more comfortable in social situations.