What is a Building Survey?

April 9, 2021 5:12 am


A Building Survey is always required when you’re planning on doing any sort of major work on your home or flat, whether it’s adding a bedroom, a new wing, a new kitchen, extending the length of a house, building alterations etc.

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If you’re simply looking at doing some minor repairs then an electrical survey might be enough, but if you’re going to be doing anything major, like extending the size of a block of flats for example, then a Building Survey should be considered. It doesn’t matter if you’re buying a home, selling yours or if it’s the other way round, building surveys are always required. There’s no getting away from the fact that building surveys are important and necessary, even when you’re doing minor work yourself. The fact is that if you don’t get a building survey done when you’re doing any sort of major work on your home, you could end up spending thousands of pounds on unnecessary renovations. A Building Survey Birmingham company such as Sam Conveyancing will be able to talk you through the survey processes.

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Some of the main things a building survey will include are looking at the structural condition of your property as well as looking at the condition of the outside. Building Surveys can give you a good idea of whether your home is in a good or bad condition, what the current state of repairs and maintenance is and what it could potentially cost to improve the condition of your property. This can be a very useful tool when selling your home, giving it value and allowing potential buyers to make an informed decision. It is a vital tool for anyone wanting to buy or sell a home.