Tidy up the house front.

January 5, 2021 8:11 am


It’s a well known fact that the appearance of your home is quite the deciding factor in a house sale. If you have a ropey looking frontage it immediately puts off potential buyers. This means that if you are serious about selling up and moving on you need to pay some special attention, some tender loving care if you will, to make it look at least presentable again.

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First up let’s look at the doors. Your front door is your gatehouse, the entrance to the castle. Therefore it needs to have a feeling of security and be welcoming at the same time. This is a difficult trick to pull off but with a lick of paint and checking of the locks it can be achieved.

Next is the window frames. If you have wooden ones you could think about replacing them with PVC which is easier to maintain and will also last longer. Wooden frames might need a regular painting or staining. If this is the case then touch them up before the for sale sign is raised. If you do have PVC then give them a wipe over and clean the windows as well.

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If you have a garage then make sure that it is fully functioning. A Garage door repair Harrow based company can make sure that everything is in good working order. Try and clear out as much of the garage as you can before you start the sale. The only thing you’ll illustrate is how much junk you can fit in it.