How to build a rockery

June 30, 2022 12:57 pm


Rockeries are incredibly popular features in gardens, and they can be great for those places where plants find it difficult to thrive. Perhaps you have very thick clay soil and the ground gets waterlogged or you have dry soil that is difficult to keep moist.

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Once you have selected the area of your garden where you would like to build a rockery, you should next start to plan how you want it to look. This will include looking at the shape of the area, what rocks you need and the types of plants that you are going to grow in the space. Now you are ready to get building.

Mark out the area using garden twine. If you are building a large rockery or have particularly difficult soil, you might want to consider contacting a Mini Digger Hire Nottingham company like to help you move the dirt. Once you have cleared the space, you should lay down some rubble and cover this with landscaping material. This will help the area drain and will prevent weeds from growing.

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Next, you can place your stones. You will need large and small rocks to create depth in your rockery. Once the rocks are in place, you can add compost to the planting areas and start adding in your plants for a nice addition of colour to the area.