Visiting the Doctor with an Embarrassing Health Problem

April 16, 2022 6:29 am


Sometimes things happen to our bodies that we have no wish to share with others. Going to the GP about a highly personal health issue makes us nervous and prone to putting off making that all-important appointment. We imagine we’re the only people having this problem and that the medical staff have never seen anything, but you can rest assured that they’ve seen it all before. Don’t delay seeking medical advice, no matter how awkward you feel. Here are some conditions that people dread dealing with:

Sexually Transmitted Infections

If you think you’ve been exposed to an STI or have some symptoms, it can be easy to hope for the best and avoid the embarrassment of seeking help. Some infections have obvious symptoms while others are silent but can cause lasting damage to your health. It’s vital to prevent further infection that you get tested but if you want to be certain there’s an issue before seeing your GP then places like these home STI kits Bexley based service can help.

Bad Breath

One for your dentist or hygienist, if you’re suffering from halitosis and want to know how to solve the problem, it can be an embarrassing topic to broach. Dentists smell all kinds of breath on a daily basis, even whilst wearing a mask, so chances are yours is not worse than anyone else’s. Often, it’s an issue that can be solved with a tongue brush or scraper as this is the area where the bacteria gather. Don’t be afraid to ask as they’ve heard it all before.

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Excess Sweating

We all sweat in nerve-wracking or hot situations but if you’re finding that you sweat excessively when you shouldn’t be, it can be an embarrassing subject to bring up. This is a condition called hyperhidrosis and means you could be needing to shower several times a day and constantly change your clothes. Constantly sweaty palms could be affecting your ability to carry out daily tasks. Don’t be afraid to seek medical advice as it can be treated successfully or might be a sign of other problems.


Mental health problems are often still considered taboo despite many campaigns raising awareness of the prevalence of mental health illness and the need for support. Many people still think they can shrug off their feelings, that doctors will think they are complaining about nothing or are worried about the stigma attached to being treated for depression. Clinical depression is not something you can snap out of or just ‘cheer up’ so it’s important to reach out for help if you don’t feel right emotionally.

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Huge numbers of people suffer from these, but you’d never know it. Only a third of sufferers will ever consult a medical professional over the issue. People seem to prefer to perform online searches, self-medicate or simply suffer in silence. Haemorrhoids are not generally something to worry about and self-medicating works just fine for most. However, sometimes they can become enlarged, infected or so painful that they require surgery. If you’re in this kind of discomfort, don’t delay and seek help.