Stretches for Your Back Pain – The Best Way to Get Rid of Back Pain

February 3, 2021 3:38 pm


Stretching for the back, like any other exercise, is a method that you use to strengthen your body. This is particularly important if you are working long hours sitting at a desk. You should also ensure that you have the correct desk set up and a chair that will support your lower and upper back. A Next day chairs company such as can help you out with all of these needs.

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To begin stretching your back, have your hands behind your head and stand with your feet shoulder width apart. With your elbows resting against your knee, hold a light weight in your left hand. Your right hand should be placed on the ground next to your left knee. Have your elbows facing the ground, but make sure that your knees do not bend. Slowly and deliberately move your elbows back until they are locking in place, making sure that your shoulders do not sway.

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For optimal results, always hold the stretch for a full ten seconds before releasing. The key to getting optimum results from all of these stretches for your back pain is that you should focus on keeping your abdominal muscles active during each stretch. While some of these stretches can be performed slowly, especially if you are unaware of what you are doing, it is also possible to perform them rapidly in order to get faster results.