How plants can help clean the air in your office

January 31, 2022 6:37 pm


Working in a nice clean environment is not only beneficial to employees health but it can also help with their overall mindset. This then has a positive impact on the ways that they work and their productivity levels. When your employees are happy and motivated this will lead to better outcomes for your business and hopefully increased profits. As well as working with a Contract Cleaning Cheltenham company like to have your work space frequently cleaned, you can also add some plants to the environment to help with the air quality.

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Plants can help with the air quality in a room in a number of different ways. All plants take carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and through photosynthesis they convert water into oxygen and use the carbon dioxide that they absorb to create the sugars needed for the energy to grow, produce flowers and seeds. There are also plants that help to remove air pollutants for the atmosphere around them. This is particularly useful in office spaces as well as other working environments such as warehouses and even shops and other stores.

As well as helping with the air quality, plants also help to bring some of the feelings that nature gives us into the indoor space. There have been studies that have been undertaken that have shown the benefits of indoors plants to our overall sense of wellbeing and improved mental health. They can have an extreme positive effect in locations where there is not much natural sunlight and also through the colder, gloomier autumn and winter months. It can also help to prevent sick building syndrome, which can be an issue in office spaces.

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The type of plant that you choose will also have an impact. Big, bold statement plants such as rubber plants and cactus will help to absorb the carbon dioxide from the space. They are also green all year round and are very easy to maintain. Large leafed plants can also be used to create natural barriers in an office. This could be for sectioning off desk areas so that employees feel like they have more privacy, or it could be to create a nice cosy section of the office where your staff members can relax during their breaks and lunch hour.

Plants can be located in a number of areas in an office and you can even have them trailing in pots that you hang from the ceiling. English Ivy is a great option for this. The green leaves are seen all year round and it is a plant that absorbs many different pollutants from the atmosphere around it. They look particularly attractive in areas where the ivy can trail.