What’s the best way to thank your team?

September 15, 2021 12:33 pm


If you’re a boss and your team has done something particularly well, is it not a good idea to celebrate the success? It’s been shown to be one of the best ways of creating goodwill and unity in a team and it promotes longevity as well. If the team knows that there are rewards, it follows that they will work harder to get them and stay in the job as well.

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To save time there are companies, like https://millercouk.com/collections/team-gifts who provide ready packs of Team Gifts for you. There are plenty of choices for you to go for. A lot of the time will be taken up trying to balance what is best fit for all of them. Luckily the packs from the company above have a good mix of alcohol based goods and non alcoholic. Essentially they are comfort food like chocolate and fudge but none the worse for that. They even have Vegan and Gluten free options so everyone is truly catered for on your team no matter what their preferences might be.

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One of the most ingenious gifts is the Virtual Chsristmas party pack. As many of us are working from home and the only way we could have parties was via Zoom or Teams, the pack goes directly to the home of the team member. There are things like beer, wine, streamers, nuts and a cracker all for the team member to enjoy.